Vinland is the stunningly beautiful and rugged land at the top of the Great Northern Peninsula in Newfoundland. It’s where Vikings settled 1000 years ago, and where my wife and I live and work.

Hand-forging is the craft of forming hot metal into a desired shape using a hammer and anvil, a practice that the Vikings were well known for. When they lived here, their shop would have been situated only a short walk from where mine is now.

I forge knives from carbon steel which, after heat treating and tempering, is very strong and holds an excellent edge. I like to leave the hammer blows along the spine to enhance the originality of each blade. My handles are made from various hardwoods, their shapes influenced by the driftwood that washes up on the North Atlantic shore.

Being extremely sharp and made to fit comfortably in the hand, my knives are built first and foremost to use. And, with special attention paid to quality in every step of the construction process, they are sure to bring new joy to everyday tasks in the kitchen for generations.